Who we are

We are Spreadmonitor, a startup active on the energy market with continuously enlarging client base. Consistently high standard quality work is one of our biggest strength.

Thanks to our satisfied customers we are now ready to take-off. To meet the challenges of the prospecting future we are building a friendly but highly professional team of 12-15 people, where personal development opportunities and exciting projects provide long-term motivation and an ideal working environment for all members.

What is our vision

We have founded this company by the vision that in a software development company our developers are the most important assets. So we are building an engineering-driven culture where we encourage you to reach for the sky every single day! We believe that everyday work can be fun 100% of the time when we build the right culture.

What we offer

Your basic kit:

The extras:

Open positions

Senior full-stack Developer
We are looking for a senior full-stack developer to lead, manage & code on various projects.
Junior/Mid full-stack Developer
We are looking for a mid-level or junior full-stack developer, who loves to code and eager to learn.
Office Assistant
We are looking for an office assistant, who can help us stay organized. Part-time employment possible.